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The new signalbox, situated on the east side of the line at Castleton opposite the existing Castleton East Junction box, duly opened on 30 August 2011. It is planned for it to take over the operations from the existing Castleton East Junction box some time next autumn. This will mean the end of the semaphore signals in the area. Eagle eyed passengers will have noted that the new colour light signals in the Rochdale area only have one lamphead and lens. Previously colourlight signals had a separate lens for each colour aspect `and were illuminated by filament bulbs. The new signals are LEDs (light emitting diode) which use much less electricity and last much longer than lamp bulbs. The background to the banner signal at the Manchester end of the up platform at Castleton has been illuminated by white LEDs for some time. There used to be a couple of other colourlight signals in the area with only one lamphead and lens. These were the Intermediate Block signals at Hopwood close to the canal bridge. These had a single bulb with reflector and differently coloured filters could be moved in front of the lamp. This was done via an electro-mechanical device. The mechanism was designed so that if the power failed it would always revert to showing a red aspect. This type of signal was known as a "Searchlight". It was installed some time in LMS days when the old signalbox named "Hopwood" was abolished. There were other similar signals on the approach to Bury Bolton Street from the south clearly visible from the footbridge spanning the line north of the Loco Shed. I think these lasted until the trains were diverted to the Interchange. R S Greenwood STORM Chairman

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2nd Tuesday in Feb, April, June, August, Oct and December,in The Blue Pits Inn, 842 Manchester Road, Castleton, Rochdale, OL11 2SP